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I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin. My parents were the successors to a multi-generational operation. They always worked hard. Dad left college early to help his parents manage the dairy. From my earliest memories, I always saw him as a workaholic. When running a farm you have to be. It is a 24/7 job. Taking care of animals takes a lot of responsibility.

Trips to see family occurred between chores and vacations were a rarity. The work was always there. In the early 80’s my parents saw the need to change the way farming was done in order to be more profitable. This meant either buying the farm my grandparents owned or going elsewhere. This led to heated discussions about value and control. Finally, an agreement was reached. Though my parents paid a premium, the farm would remain in the family. But this was the early 80’s and high loan interest combined with a collapse in the dairy industry proved disastrous. Like many other farmers, my parents were on the verge of losing everything.

I was never going to let that happen to me so I went to college, got my degree and went into the workforce like many other people. Business came natural to me and I quickly advanced. Over the years I hired and promoted scores of people into various leadership positions. My fears of financial struggle kept me working hard to avoid that trap, but I was never satisfied. Countless hours were spent working at the sacrifice of my personal life and health. After spending years working for corporate America I decided to launch out on my own to help companies improve leadership and sales.

Since 2005, I have been helping people like you become great business leaders. It goes beyond just the basics of communication. My clients want something more. They are successful, but not satisfied. These owners don’t want to be defined by their companies. Instead they want to use them as vehicles to better the quality of life for themselves and their teams.

Business is personal. You can’t separate the two, but you can get them to work better together. Having a profitable, sustainable business shouldn’t be frustrating. If there’s one thing 2020 taught us is there’s more to life than work. Success doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied and quality of life doesn’t just revolve around your bottom line. You are the driver and your goal is to win the race and each race builds to a series of goals you use to define success. My passion is helping you cross each finish line while fulfilling your personal freedom.

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A business can have many moving parts just like your car. Sales and profitability goals are only achievable when your company is running on all cylinders. So where do you begin? The first step is performing an analysis on your company. To make it easier for you I have created a simple survey worksheet that looks at six different categories and covers 70 unique points of your enterprise. I’m so confident this tool will help you find key areas to improve that I will provide you with a one hour session to work out your action plan. So download your free 70 Point Inspection and schedule your session today!


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My Book “Apples to Apples: How to Stand Out From Your Competition,” links branding and company culture in a way that gives business people the means to stand out from their competition.