Summer Lovin’: Time to Take a Break

Summer Lovin’: Time to Take a Break

I love summer.

It’s the time of year when the weather is warm, the days are long, and you can actually go outside without freezing your butt off. Some of you may be following me on Linkedin, where I talk about the #projectcar I am working on. As a car guy, summer’s the best time to be out, cruising around.

Summer is also when I prefer to take long weekend breaks to make the most of it. Taking time off is so important for keeping your batteries charged. Like cars, people eventually run out of gas if they don’t take the time to fill the tank. Yet many owners work all the time, and leaders have a habit of always being on. Often, it’s out of fear that problems will happen and they will come back to a greater mess than they left. They’ve done their jobs for so long that they don’t know how to take a step back.

The irony is that we start our own businesses for greater freedom. We see how limited we are as employees, so we go off and do our own thing. If we are successful, we add greater complexity in order to grow: more employees, more vendors, and more customers. Unfortunately, many business owners aren’t aware that the vision of freedom is lost as they slowly build the walls of their own prisons around them.

Systems aren’t built and optimized as they should be. Employees lack the coaching and development necessary to take on tasks owners shouldn’t do. We remain reactionary, which turns us into firefighters putting out all the burning issues that surface daily.

Something needs to change so you can take that break. The systems you created early on won’t get you where you need to be for future growth. Greater sales and profits come from freeing your future to work on company growth instead of lying in the weeds dealing with daily issues.

Read the Following Statements:

Give yourself 1 point if you can answer yes and 0 points for no.
  1. I can turn off my tech (phone, computer, tablet) for long periods of time without fear of a business breakdown
  2. Vacations happen without interruption by work
  3. I am confident that I can return from vacation without any major problems
  4. I am comfortable traveling to places where I cannot be reached
  5. My family believes I am present when I am with them
  6. My team is capable of handling almost every issue without my involvement
  7. My team will act without looking for my approval or advice
  8. I am capable of spending time on self-care and wellness
  9. Turnover is very low because people see opportunities working for my company
  10. I am free to focus ON my business and not IN my business

Add your points. If you score below 7, you probably have issues that will only compound themselves over time. How will you address the issues holding you back? Let us help you chart a path to freedom!