Weathering The Storm To Bring The Green

Weathering The Storm To Bring The Green

April was a rainy month here in Wisconsin. It would be nice to see some sun and 70-degree temperatures after a cold winter, but it’s the rain that brings the green!

“The storms we weather create the success we achieve.”

It’s easy to say these are challenging times, but that all depends on who you ask. While some businesses are booming, others are affected by high gas prices, inflation, and labor challenges. It’s always raining somewhere, just not all the time.

We often fail to realize that the storms we weather create the success we achieve; We learn more from our failures than we do from our wins.

Business is full of adversity. Disruption should be a norm, but human nature wants consistency and stability. We gravitate towards complacency, but outside forces stir the pot and force us to react. Your true strength is changing the script. Instead of waiting for something to happen, try preparing for it.

7 Steps to Change Your Outcome

Read… a Lot

I am constantly scouring news stories and articles to find where opportunities are. It tells me about the industries that are growing and the issues of those that are struggling. If you dig into the details, you will find the opportunities that will allow you to leapfrog the competition.

Creativity is King

Remember when you were a kid? For me, that was a long time ago, but I still remember what I did to occupy myself. In a time before the internet and smartphones, I had to be creative with staying entertained. Young children have very active minds and an abundance of creativity, but as we age, we become more rational, and societal norms don’t focus on our creative side. We tend to see less value here. However, to succeed, we need our creative brains the most! Art, music, and acting are all tools that can help you with problem-solving, so take up a hobby that forces your mind to solve problems and have your team do the same.

Communication is Crucial

Leadership and communication skills are lacking among most of our population today. Technology has its advantages, but one of its greatest faults is the damage it causes to our ability to interact with others. Invest in developing your leadership and communication skills and implement programs to do the same with your staff. There are ways to use technology to interact in a positive way. It’s learned and not organic.