How Do You Attract The Best Employees?

How Do You Attract The Best Employees?

As I began to think of what I’d write for this article back on Groundhog Day, I wondered whether or not the furry critter saw his shadow. Would he predict six more weeks of Omicron? After all, that seems to be our new winter.

We are now over one month into 2022, and the same challenges are before us. For many companies, demand is still high, costs continue to skyrocket, supplies are constantly delayed, and labor is hard to find. I hear the frustration when meeting with clients; my mastermind community members also share their stress. Many are worried that they will have no one to do the work even as materials are restocked.

We face many problems, and the greatest concern seems to focus on talent. Covid has changed things over the past two years, and a lot of it has benefited employees. Wages are up significantly, work flexibility is now a thing, and many companies have adopted remote work or hybrid work environments.

Even with all these improvements, satisfaction still remains low. Gallup surveys show 74% of employees are actively looking for new employment. Employee engagement is relatively unchanged from where it was 15 years ago. Many leaders are taking superficial action, but talent is still walking. So what can you do about it?

Here are three actions to address talent needs:

  • Quit managing and start mentoring – Employees are looking for a coach and a mentor. Most bosses spend time barking orders and micromanaging; little is done to develop staff. Change your approach and empower the talent to do the work.
  • ABI – Always Be Interviewing! Chances are you are always looking for help, but are you selling and marketing your business to that next recruit? Businesses become short-handed because they only seek to fill immediate needs. Instead, take the approach that every meeting is a potential candidate. Have great service at a restaurant? That waitperson could be your next CSR.
  • Culture matters – Every business has a culture, but that culture may not align with what leadership believes it is. Take steps to discover the disconnects and build an environment that your team will strive to be part of instead of running away from.

There are many steps you can take, but focusing on these three areas will get you off to a good start!