Move Forward, Stop Spinning

Move Forward, Stop Spinning

Business leaders will tell me they never have enough. There’s never enough time. Never enough money. Never enough talent. It seems the only thing there is an endless supply of are shortages. Does this sound like you?

Balancing the resources we have is something we all must face and that task can seem overwhelming. Most businesses I speak with never have any shortage of opportunities for growth, but the path to get there is blocked with one obstacle after another.

Right now, as many as 11 million jobs remain vacant here in the US and there are just not enough people to fill the open spots. The Great Resignation has many owners worried their talent will walk out the door. Being understaffed and overworked is just one of a multitude of issues we are all facing.

I’ve heard more than one person tell me they don’t know what to do. It seems like we are being attacked on all fronts and it can be overwhelming. That stress creates paralysis and a feeling of helplessness. Your wheels are stuck in the sand and all you are doing is spinning.

Here’s a few steps to once again gain traction:

  • Change your mindset. It seems simple enough and it is the most powerful tool in helping you overcome your situation. Gratitude journals are an easy way to refocus.
  • Quit trying to boil the ocean. We often try to tackle everything at once and spread ourselves so thin we never make a dent.
  • Find the root cause. Whatever the challenge, you need to know what is causing the problem. In order to act fast we often attack the symptoms and fail to address the bigger picture.
  • Focus on one thing at a time. Tackle the most important issue first. Place your resources there and make strides before transitioning to the next item on the list.
  • Seek outside advice. Find a trusted resource to talk to. Share your struggles with them. They may be able to help you work through your problem.
  • Take action! Move forward. Make mistakes. Figure it out. Waiting for perfection only holds you back.
  • Make a plan. Write it down. Set goals and deadlines.
  • Follow up!
Going it alone can be overwhelming. Know you have support if you need it and take the first steps. Soon you will be knocking down the obstacles that are in your way.