Let’s Go! Webinar: Plan Your Growth

Let’s Go! Webinar: Plan Your Growth

When: September 9, 2020
Time: Noon
Where: Zoom

** Please NOTE: due to several requests, I have made the decision to change the date to the Wednesday after Labor Day. If you have signed up and cannot attend the new date you will still be able to receive the recording.**

When was the last time you actually planned your success? For many business owners this seems like a cumbersome process that takes too much time, too many resources, and is never implemented. Much of this is true. Traditional planning is often lengthy. The end result is a complex strategic plan that is rarely ever completed. Some studies how 95% of most business plans are never fully realized.

Planning is an important element of business. Having a working action plan can make the difference from having record sales or going bust. Yet many business owners do not take the time to put together a guideline to follow because many think it needs to be a complicated process.

This webinar will give you the tools to create a one page document that you can use to guide your business to profitable growth. By simplifying the process you are able to create a working plan within a very short period of time while getting tog the heart of the reason for creating one: to design a path by which you and your team can follow to achieve the growth goals you have set. The best part is you can use this tool whether you are a sole proprietor or a company with hundreds of employees.

Your Presentor: Dan Paulson

Dan is a coach and consultant who helps companies realize their growth potential. Since 2005 he has taught business owners the best practices necessary for accelerating sales through better use of their resources. His approach is to adapt to each company’s unique needs to gain greater results faster while building sustainable long-term success.

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