Formula for Success: Accountability

Formula for Success: Accountability

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Today’s CEO’s of any company, are being scrutinized for their actions more than ever before.

People are watching CEO’s behavior and how that affects the company and society.

Accountability Follows The CEO

While anyone can lead from anywhere within their company, many turn to the CEO as the main leader. The CEO is the one who is accountable – right, wrong or indifferent. Many CEO’s feel overwhelmed, having the burden of carrying the company to success.

How can a CEO remain responsible TO others yet not be responsible FOR them? How do CEO’s create higher morale for employees while they manage their own behavior?
Accountability of the company, ultimately the CEO, is navigated through 5 channels:

• Public Opinion
• Governance of the Company
• Operating Environment
• Digital Communications
• 24/7 Mindset & Access to News

Strategies For an Overwhelmed CEO

  • Adopting a growth mindset. A growth mindset allows the CEO to see obstacles as stepping stones, not a boulder or ocean too big to cross. This allows for healthy brainstorming from all levels within the organization.
  • Reclaiming Time. Identifying how, where and why the CEO and their employees use their time allows both to work at their peak. Time reclamation truly manufactures time.
    Utilizing strengths, the CEO’s accountability, as well as employee production & morale, will increase.

A Final Word on CEO Accountability

The guiding strategies create increased energy and a new focus for the CEO. This new energy, focus, and morale inevitably lead to increased sales. Successful navigation of the 5 channels of accountability give you a competitive edge and allow not only yourself, your team and your company to stand above the competition.

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Some information for this article was taken from the article 5 Trends Shaping CEO Accountability in Security Magazine.