Track Your Time To Be More Productive

A new year means a new book.  Go Far, Go Fast! is currently in the works but you can put into practice some of the concepts today.  Join Us for the Go Far, Go Fast! 30 Day Challenge.  Below you will find the link for downloading the Time Mapper to use for five days to … Continue reading “Track Your Time To Be More Productive”

How HM Manufacturing Came Back

In Part 4 of our Back From the Brink series featuring HM Manufacturing.  We’ve learned that surviving theft and dishonesty is challenging enough, but it’s not the end of the story.  Whenever this happens to a business they need to go through the process of rebuilding.  In HM’s case it meant starting from scratch.  Nicole … Continue reading “How HM Manufacturing Came Back”

Recession Brings Renaissance for HM Manufacturing

  During the recession, Nicole came in to her family’s company, HM Manufacturing thinking she was going to learn the family business and bring it to a whole new level. Little did she know in the midst of this recession she would be bringing not just a new level to HM Manufacturing but a whole … Continue reading “Recession Brings Renaissance for HM Manufacturing”

How HM Manufacturing Survived Then Thrived

HM Manufacturing is on the verge of collapse and the business needs to find a way to survive. The good news is that today, HM Manufacturing is once again on a growth trajectory.  Nicole Wolter, daughter of the company’s founder, came in to a business that was on life support.  If things didn’t turn around … Continue reading “How HM Manufacturing Survived Then Thrived”

HM Manufacturing: Back from the brink

One of the greatest risks to your business can be hidden in plain sight, as my client, HM Manufacturing found out. This is a story I believe is important to tell.  All too many times I have heard of companies, good companies, driven into severe hardship and even put out of business because of the … Continue reading “HM Manufacturing: Back from the brink”

Why Every Business Owner Should Play The Lottery

At the time of this writing, the Mega Millions Jackpot has reached a record $1.6 Billion and the Powerball is over $600 Million.  If you are a business owner you should be getting your tickets now! Ok, I realize that in the grand scheme of things the lottery is a poor investment.  You have a … Continue reading “Why Every Business Owner Should Play The Lottery”

Hurting for Talent? Here’s What You Can Do About It.

Unemployment is at an all-time low.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the national average is now 3.7% which is the lowest rate since 1969.  That means there’s some facts you are going to have to face: Employees are going to be hard to come by for probably the next 2-5 years Good candidates … Continue reading “Hurting for Talent? Here’s What You Can Do About It.”

Being Right Not Always Best Choice

Even if you were right would you continue an argument that could cost you a customer or even worse, your business? When we are rational we would say no. But an exchange I saw online today reminds me that people are not rational and with social media somebody is always watching. This morning a friend … Continue reading “Being Right Not Always Best Choice”