Success is More Than Sales

Success is More Than Sales

Over the past 30 years of being in leadership roles and eventually running my own consulting firm, I can tell you there aren’t too many business owners who don’t want to increase their sales. Sales, after all, are the lifeblood of any successful venture.

Theoretically, the more sales you have the more profits you make which leads to further growth. Does this define success? I would argue our need for increased sales is a desire for something more. And since most business owners are not responsible for multi-billion dollar corporations it takes on a personal tone.

You see, for an entrepreneur, the business is an extension of themselves. Many started their own thing because they didn’t want to work for someone else, or they felt they could provide a better product/service than another company. Ultimately we launch our own enterprises to create a lifestyle we’ve always dreamed of and we knew that punching a clock would not do it for us.

The life of a business owner is not an easy one. It’s like having a child that needs constant care. Those who are still in the work-a-day world joke that it must be nice to have the freedom to do what we want when we want. But you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. Entrepreneurs stay up late and get up early to keep their dream alive. They sacrifice the safety net of a regular paycheck for the ebbs and flows of business. Stress can be a norm because money never seems to come in at the same pace the bills do. Many give up family events to meet the call of the customer. Few ever master the ability to run their business instead of the other way around. That has to change.

Go Far, Go Fast! was born form my clients’ need to create a sustainable growing company. These entrepreneurs were already making money. This wasn’t about teaching the basics. Instead it was about learning how to get out of their own way. Like I said, having a business is like having a child. The difference is children grow up where a company needs help with that. Business owners need to grow too. What you did when you started the business needs to change and all too often it doesn’t. The result is underutilized people, no systems or standards in place, micromanagement, poor leadership, high turnover, and eventually stagnant growth.

We are here to win the race. Any team that sets out to cross the finish line needs to apply the same principles in order to achieve the desired results. That means the owner (driver) needs the skills to handle the business (car) effectively. They need to create a high-performance machine by design and let their talent service the various components that make it all work. Only then are you able to attend the family functions, take that vacation you always wanted, and build the wealth you deserve.

Go Far, Go Fast! isn’t a system. It’s a lifestyle. Here is where you start. We all start our business for a reason. Here is where you design the life you want. That means getting behind the wheel of your own destiny. Turn the key. Give it some gas. Let’s go!