The One Thing Leaders Miss That Impacts Everything

The One Thing Leaders Miss That Impacts Everything

Picture a successful company that you admire. What is it about that business that you attribute to its success? How does it compare to the traits in your own company?

Every business is unique in its own right. Culture influences everything. Companies face a constant evolution as team members change. There are good leaders and bad. Ultimately what matters is how the boss drives the identity of the organization.

Leaders face many challenges. Employee turnover is high while staffing shortages continue to be an issue. As owners seek solutions to keep work teams happy and productive, they should reflect on how their actions impact outcomes.

So what’s the one thing that any leader can improve? Accountability.

All too often, there are two standards in a company. One is for the staff, and another for the owner or manager. Maybe you have experienced a “Do as I say. Not as I do.” situation? Owners often implement changes and expect everyone to follow the new rule. Often I see the boss doesn’t follow the same guidelines. Then, weeks later, the owner is questioning why nothing has changed.

Your people will follow your lead, so make sure you also meet the standards you expect from others.

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