Love Your Business Again!

Love Your Business Again!

Do you love your business? Was it love at first sight? Some people figure out early on what they want to do. Many of us, however, end up where we are through trial and error.

Love is a many-splendored thing. Your love for your business is multi-faceted as well. I’ve seen many leaders frustrated that their business doesn’t perform as it should. Over time, owners need to adapt their roles or face stress and burnout.

So how do you keep the love flowing? Here are some suggestions:

  • Review your vision and values – Clarify, teach, and internalize
  • Develop your skills – Leaders require a different set of skills than technicians
  • Take breaks – Learn to turn off work
  • Build systems – Simplify and standardize while still providing flexibility for change
  • Transition from doer to leader – Teach others tasks while you focus on growth
  • Empower your team – Your way isn’t the only way. Let your people take charge
  • Guide over control – Be a coach to your team instead of dictating every move
  • Focus on gratitude – Appreciation creates enthusiasm and optimism

Taking these steps can help you keep the love in what you do, and your company will thrive because of it.

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