Creating Customer Loyalty For Your Business

Creating Customer Loyalty For Your Business

As part of our focus on sales, we are also planning on covering topics like customer service and loyalty. After all, customers are a huge part of any business, and a direct factor in how well your sales do.

Carol Roth has an excellent list of ways you can create a more loyal customer base. While the entire list is filled with gems, here are some of our favorites.

11. Make it Hard for Them to Go!

My one best tip for “Creating Customer Loyalty In Business” is build a genuine relationship with them that will make it difficult for them to desire to go anywhere else for business. By showing the customer that they come first, are sincerely valued and that they are being given loyalty, it should warrant a mutual response. In my humble opinion, in a world where business is not always based on genuinely caring and integrity, I believe that these qualities will separate one from all of the rest.
Thanks to: Kevin Benton of Kevin Benton Ministries.
When you put your customer first, and start prioritizing their needs, you will soon find them valuing you much more. After all, if they can see the genuine effort you are putting into helping their business, they will want to stay on with you for the great service.

16. Under Promise, Over Deliver

People like to promise the world and then often have trouble meeting their commitments. Only promise what you know you can deliver. There will be times life gets in your way. Personal, family, work, or tech issues will all trip you up. You need to make sure you can deliver even when life interferes. Then, when life is not tripping you up, you will be able to deliver more than what you promised. When you over deliver, you will WOW your client. They will feel they are getting more bang for their buck.
Thanks to: Lauren MacEwen of SM Cubed.
This one is a favorite! Always under promise and over deliver. Control the customer’s expectations to start with, and then go over and beyond what they were expecting. You will soon see an increase in customer loyalty.

32. Communicate!

Clear, factual & prompt communication establishes the foundation for a relationship of trust & value. Each customer interaction should focus on the customer & their needs. Listening is often the most important part of communication, and in the case of customer relationships, it conveys interest & concern for the needs of your customer. Customer communication can require patience on the part of your representative. With this in mind, select your customer service personnel with care.
Thanks to: Dale Little of Business Strategist, Dale Little.
Be transparent with your customers, but also communicate with them often. This doesn’t mean you start spamming them with emails, but set a schedule for when you check in with them and make sure you stick to it. Listen to what they have to say. All relationships need open lines of communication.

89. Facilitate Problem Solving

Your customers come to you because you or your products solve some type of problem or create an opportunity. Take it one step further; don’t stop at just your product as a solution. Become a master at facilitating questions and conversations. Get others to think by asking them action oriented thinking questions: “How might you approach a problem such as this?” “How might you go about changing that?”

By working with customers in this way you do something no one else does! Priceless Value!

Thanks to: Harlan Goerger of H. Goerger & Associates dba AskHG.
Don’t just assume your product is solving their problem. Go above and beyond to figure out how you can make it better and do more for them. Solve problems that might not even have come up yet for even more brownie points.
How do you make your clients feel more loved? What do you do in your business to increase customer loyalty? Tell us in the comments.