Tips To Make The Customer Feel Special

For people who are or have been in the service line, there is no saying in existence in the history of mankind that can ever be more wrong than this one: “The customer is always right.” Nope. Nah-uh. Disagreed. They are most definitely not “always right”. Customers are, afterall, people, and people can be wrong … Continue reading “Tips To Make The Customer Feel Special”

4 Ways To Overcome Cultural Barriers When Dealing With Customers Overseas

Do you deal with international clients? As technology improves, more and more of us find ourselves dealing with customers that have different customs and cultures then ours. While this is great for business, dealing with international clients does require a little more finesse, as differences in culture mean differences in business practices and customs as … Continue reading “4 Ways To Overcome Cultural Barriers When Dealing With Customers Overseas”

5 Tips For The Introvert Making Sales

You’d imagine an introvert would have no place in the sales world. Not true. Introverts find it hard to open up to people and make conversation. But given the right circumstances, and training, any introvert can become an extrovert. How can you overcome, what might be perceived as a personality flaw, to boost your sales? … Continue reading “5 Tips For The Introvert Making Sales”

6 Tips For Dealing With An Angry Customer

Whether your business sells a product or a service, you deal with customers on a daily basis. And if you deal with customers, you have to learn how to deal with angry customers Regardless of whether the customer’s anger is justified or not, you have to read through these tips that can help you deal … Continue reading “6 Tips For Dealing With An Angry Customer”

Creating Customer Loyalty For Your Business

As part of our focus on sales, we are also planning on covering topics like customer service and loyalty. After all, customers are a huge part of any business, and a direct factor in how well your sales do. Carol Roth has an excellent list of ways you can create a more loyal customer base. … Continue reading “Creating Customer Loyalty For Your Business”

The Importance Of A Good Call-To-Action

How many of you spend hours writing the perfect sales letter, only to find it didn’t generate any sales leads? One of the biggest issues with sales copy is that we forget the most important thing – a call to action. Cynthia Perun, over at Entrepreneur, gives you 7 tips for writing dynamic sales letter, … Continue reading “The Importance Of A Good Call-To-Action”