5 Tips For The Introvert Making Sales

5 Tips For The Introvert Making Sales

You’d imagine an introvert would have no place in the sales world. Not true.

Introverts find it hard to open up to people and make conversation. But given the right circumstances, and training, any introvert can become an extrovert.

How can you overcome, what might be perceived as a personality flaw, to boost your sales? Here are some tips for getting out of your comfort zone.

1. Be passionate

If you are passionate about what you’re selling, you’ll enjoy sharing the plethora of information (and excitement) you have for the product with other people. The excitement that you have will help you overcome any shyness you are feeling about opening up to potential customers.

2. Do something new every day.

Challenge yourself to do one thing every day that you fear, or are uncomfortable with. This could be talking to a stranger, making a cold call, visiting prospective customers… The choice is yours. You’ll soon realize that there was nothing to worry about in the first place.

3. Be persistent

Don’t give up after one try with a potential customer, instead you need to keep trying. Call them, take them out for coffee, and schedule followup meetings. You need to step far enough out of your shell that they start acknowledging the effort you are putting into making them your customers.

4. Say hello

Do you walk with your head down, not making eye-contact with people passing by you? Stop. Start looking at people, acknowledge them, and say hello. It’s a small thing you can do every day to help you become more comfortable while dealing with strangers.

5. Socialize

Introverts will avoid parties, dinners and general socialization. If you’re in sales, you’re going to need to step out of your shell. Start accepting invites for business events, and make it a point to go and talk to at least three new people at each event.

Are you an introvert? What do you do to help you overcome your introverted nature?