6 Tips For Dealing With An Angry Customer

6 Tips For Dealing With An Angry Customer

Whether your business sells a product or a service, you deal with customers on a daily basis. And if you deal with customers, you have to learn how to deal with angry customers Regardless of whether the customer’s anger is justified or not, you have to read through these tips that can help you deal with the situation at hand.

1. Stay calm.

Responding to an angry customer with anger is absolutely not going to help things. Stay calm, no matter what the customer might be saying.

2. It’s not personal.

The customer is not getting angry because they don’t like you. We often associate displeasure with our service or product as a personal attack. Learn to differentiate between the two, and remember that if a customer is unhappy with the product (or service), you should put your personal feelings aside before responding.

3. Listen

One of the simplest things to do is listen. The customer wants to vent, so let them go ahead and say everything they have to say. But do listen to what they are saying. Make a mental list of all the issues they are mentioning, and once they are done, summarize this for them. They’ll appreciate that you heard them out, made a mental note of the problem, and are open to resolving the issues.

4. Sympathize

Respect and sympathy can help you diffuse any situation. Once the customer is done venting, express sympathy for what they are going through. They will appreciate your understanding that they have had to deal with a bad experience.

5. Apologize in the right manner

Don’t just say you’re sorry (for a faulty product or bad service). Mean it. If you want this customer to stay on as a customer, you need to apologize properly. This means;

– Apologize

– Accept responsibility

– Ask them what you can do to resolve the issue for them.

6. Solve the problem

After you’ve heard the customer out, and apologize, figure out a solution. Is it a replacement product? Maybe the service standard needs to be improved? Figure out what will make them happy and offer them the solution. If you’re lucky, they will not take their money and business elsewhere.

Which of these tips have you employed in the past? Can you think of more tips? Share in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!