Successful Social Media

Successful Social Media

By, Tamara MacDuff, NOW Digital Marketing

Sometimes it seems as if success on social media is like a unicorn, often dreamed of yet rarely seen. It is possible to be successful on and with social media for your business, honest!

Success is a perception, right? What is your definition of success? Start there – define what you want the platform to do for you. This definition will help you to choose your platform as well, because not all social media platforms are created equal.

There are only 5 things a business is looking for by using social media. They are Awareness, Influence, Sales, Attendance or Traffic. Every. Single. Business. These goals can’t be measured by the number of followers or by the number of engagements on your posts. 

They are measured by how many times your calls to action are met or clicked on. How many times can you get your followers or visitors to do what you asked them to.

Some success goals for social media might be:

  • Increasing the awareness of your business in your community
  • Increase your influence in your community
  • Drive sales or attendance at events
  • Drive website or blog traffic

Which one will you choose? Depends on your stage of business and how you want to use social media to further your business goals. 

Steps to Successful Social Media

The good news is that these steps are easy and simple. Nothing about them is complicated, except for getting started. After all, the first step is always the hardest.

Here we go:

Step One: Be Human

  • Humanize your interactions on social media. Show the behind the scenes struggles because we all have them, no matter what level your business is on. We all struggle. It’s OK. Show us how to get through it.
  • Interact with your followers, so many businesses forget the “social” in social media. Everyone likes to feel they have been heard. Hear them. Interact. Say Thank You.

Step Two: Be Active

  • Define for your business what active is. Is it 1 day a week or 7? Is it once a day or 10 times a day? Whatever it is, schedule out evergreen content to keep your social media calendar full.
  • Decide how active  you are going to be commenting, liking and sharing others content as well. This goes back to the “social” in social media. People won’t share and comment on your content if you aren’t ever commenting and sharing on theirs.

Step Three: Be Consistent

  • Define what consistent is for you. Is it posting every Monday? Do it. Is it Live Video every day? Do it. As long as your content has a purpose and is giving value to your customers and followers, do it.
  • Only you can define what consistency is for your business. If it’s every Tuesday at 9 AM, so be it. To help you determine when you should be posting, look at your analytics, both from your website’s Google analytics as well as your social media platform’s insights.

These 3 steps will bring you success with your social media, no matter what platform you have chosen to use. They all require humanity, activity and consistency.

Remember, consistent small steps will bring you to your bigger goals. If you have any questions, please reach out and I’m happy to help! 

I’ll see you in the social sphere, don’t forget to connect and say HELLO!

Tamara MacDuff is the founder/owner of NOW Digital Marketing located in Rochester NY. She creates digital to human connections for business owners and specializes in the funeral industry. She is also a business mentor with some of her clients applying for grants and winning them to start or grow their business. She also teaches social media and content strategy to organizations and business owners.