Why Every Business Owner Should Play The Lottery

At the time of this writing, the Mega Millions Jackpot has reached a record $1.6 Billion and the Powerball is over $600 Million.  If you are a business owner you should be getting your tickets now! Ok, I realize that in the grand scheme of things the lottery is a poor investment.  You have a … Continue reading “Why Every Business Owner Should Play The Lottery”

It’s Time For You to Get Rid Of Your Imaginary Friend

Some of us had friends when we were little who were different from the rest. They were always there for us and were always willing to play our games or share our toys.  It didn’t matter if it was day or night. They were always at the ready. Our parents may have given us odd … Continue reading “It’s Time For You to Get Rid Of Your Imaginary Friend”

What’s Your Groundhog Day?

It’s Groundhog Day! If you are a Bill Murray fan like me you might remember a little movie he starred in a few years back called Groundhog Day. Bill played Phil Conners, a weatherman sent to Puxatony, Pennsylvania, to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities. A sudden snowstorm hits and Phil is trapped in town … Continue reading “What’s Your Groundhog Day?”

Today’s Ethical Issues Have Their Advantages. Are You Prepared?

It’s hard to ignore the news when it comes to the apparent lack of ethics both individuals and companies have. Wether it’s the #Metoo movement or the Wells Fargo fake account scandal it can easily appear that everyone is under attack. Today’s political climate only adds to the volatility. The impact of stories like these … Continue reading “Today’s Ethical Issues Have Their Advantages. Are You Prepared?”

Where is your Leadership Lid?

Everyone can be a leader. That is a true statement, however, there is a catch. Leaders are made not born. Some of us must work at it a little harder than others, and that’s OK. It is true that you can be the best manager around, yet if you lack leadership skills and vision to … Continue reading “Where is your Leadership Lid?”

Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time

We live in a world where we hear ‘no’ a lot.  From the day you are born you are literally hard wired to the word.  If you are a parent you will understand exactly what I mean.  From the moment our children begin to crawl we adults do everything we can to protect them.  After … Continue reading “Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time”