FTC Guides for using testimonials

By Randy Gunter Some time ago the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) adopted a set of Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. The guidelines talk about celebrity endorsements, blogging endorsements, use of testimonials in general (including non-celebrities), and sponsored testing. On the FTC website is a pdf document that you can read about … Continue reading "FTC Guides for using testimonials"

Bandwidth or Capacity, Which One is Impacting You?

Any business facing growth challenges suffers from one of two situations. They either are unable to effectively produce the work required with the current resources (Bandwidth) or they do not have the right resources to meet demand goals (Capacity). In some cases it might be both causing the issue while in others the owner may … Continue reading “Bandwidth or Capacity, Which One is Impacting You?”

Business Owners Fail to Achieve the Success They Want Because of This One Critical Task

If you are like most business owners you work really hard to make your business profitable. Long hours and sacrifices are a natural part of becoming an entrepreneur. Working 9-5 Monday through Friday is rarely possible, or accepted, when you are the one writing the checks. However this rite of passage as an entrepreneur often … Continue reading “Business Owners Fail to Achieve the Success They Want Because of This One Critical Task”

Toyota, what have you done?!?

Want to see how to destroy a great reputation that took years to build in just a few short weeks?  You might want to talk with Toyota.  In their quest to become the world’s largest car company they made a mistake that GM was often considered guilty of.  They let quality slip. That alone probably … Continue reading “Toyota, what have you done?!?”