The Year of Performance

The Year of Performance

If the feedback I have been getting from executives holds true, 2010 will be the “Year of Performance.”  There is a common theme that has been popping up in virtually every discussion I have had over the last few months.  And that is quote:”We believe we are at a point where we have the right people to take this organization forward.  There is a lot to accomplish and the economy hasn’t bounced back yet, but we need to grow.  This year we need our people to work smarter, be more efficient, and believe in our company.”

One CEO put it, “Our typical evaluation process isn’t working to create better employees and grow the company.  We need to do a better job with communication and innovation.  Our leaders must empower their people to do the right things and teach them how to make good decisions.”

From hiring to development, the companies that are making the transition back to growth mode are all wanting to do better with what they got.  I am fortunate to say that I will be working with some of these companies to do just that through better strategy, better leadership and better execution.  Momentum is building and growth will resume again.  It will take time but we are on our way.

In future posts I intend to discuss some of the work I am doing and give some insight to how you might get your people working better, smarter, and more efficient.

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