Charter Doesn’t Get It.

Charter Doesn’t Get It.

Charter doesn’t get it Posted Thursday, January 29, 2009 Charter Communications is near bankruptcy and it looks like there may be no way out of it this time. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has sunk a bunch of cash and lost $7 billion in the process. Could this have been avoided? You bet!

I have been a Charter internet customer for about four years now. Where I live, high speed internet choices are limited. So at the time Charter was the best option for me. For my first 4 months with Charter, it was a nightmare. Billing mistakes and confusion on what i owed led to the cancellation of my service 4 months into the relationship… Even though I paid my monthly bills. After a long discussion with their customer service department I got them to waive the reconnect charges and make the corrections to the bill.

The following year my rates more than doubled without warning. I did not receive a notification and immediately contacted customer service. I was informed that my plan was cancelled and I was bumped to a faster service and a higher monthly fee. Again, after discussing this with customer service, they enrolled me into a promotional package which lowered my monthly rates down to a price point closer to what I was paying before.

Last year ( 2008 ) I did receive notification of an increase and was informed that my bill would be doubling. This led to another call and after getting transferred to their customer retention department, a slight reduction in the rate change. Charter, how could you avoid this? Better service would help.

The examples above are my own, and I am not about to share negative feedback from others, but it seems as though Charter chooses to provide poor service on the front end and requires the consumer to jump through hoops to fix a problem that could have been avoided. To their credit, they have addressed my issues and made corrections, and it would be nicer if they looked at their practices and prevented the problems in the first place.

For the sake of Charter, I hope they are able to figure it out. Choices where I live for high speed are better, yet I do not want to go through the hassle of changing it.

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