Recession Brings Renaissance for HM Manufacturing

  During the recession, Nicole came in to her family’s company, HM Manufacturing thinking she was going to learn the family business and bring it to a whole new level. Little did she know in the midst of this recession she would be bringing not just a new level to HM Manufacturing but a whole … Continue reading “Recession Brings Renaissance for HM Manufacturing”

How HM Manufacturing Survived Then Thrived

HM Manufacturing is on the verge of collapse and the business needs to find a way to survive. The good news is that today, HM Manufacturing is once again on a growth trajectory.  Nicole Wolter, daughter of the company’s founder, came in to a business that was on life support.  If things didn’t turn around … Continue reading “How HM Manufacturing Survived Then Thrived”

What’s Your Groundhog Day?

It’s Groundhog Day! If you are a Bill Murray fan like me you might remember a little movie he starred in a few years back called Groundhog Day. Bill played Phil Conners, a weatherman sent to Puxatony, Pennsylvania, to cover the annual Groundhog Day festivities. A sudden snowstorm hits and Phil is trapped in town … Continue reading “What’s Your Groundhog Day?”

Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time

We live in a world where we hear ‘no’ a lot.  From the day you are born you are literally hard wired to the word.  If you are a parent you will understand exactly what I mean.  From the moment our children begin to crawl we adults do everything we can to protect them.  After … Continue reading “Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time”

Resolving to Really Change

It’s that time of year again. Whether by choice or mandated by your boss, goal setting and planning are often associated with the end of the calendar year. When I was in the corporate world, this time of year was a time when we set goals for the new year along with our expectations and … Continue reading “Resolving to Really Change”

Making Difficult Decisions

It’s amazing how many times we know the right thing to do, yet we fail to do it. I think w all have those times in our lives where we need to take action and we are reluctant to do so. Over my career, I have been fortunate to work with quite a few executives … Continue reading “Making Difficult Decisions”

Changes are Coming!

It’s amazing how much has changed when it comes to the web. If you haven’t been to our site lately, I recommend you check it out. For the last four years, InVision had pretty much the same look. Yesterday we launched a fresh new site that will have more tools for you. Like the companies … Continue reading “Changes are Coming!”