The importance of buying local to the economy.

The importance of buying local to the economy.

Natasha Vora is a friend of mine who owns Indocara. Her company specializes in bringing textiles and furnishings from Southeast Asia to sell in the US. She has a small retail shop located in downtown Madison as well as an online presence at

Though Natasha and I come from very different backgrounds, we do share some similarities. We both had the opportunity to hone our skills at larger companies (in fact, we both spent time at Lands’ End), and we both left to pursue businesses that we are passionate about.

Recently Natasha had the opportunity to participate in a local business radio talk show. She shared her experiences and also brought up a really good point, the importance of buying local.

Small business is the key to stimulating the economy. These companies make up the bulk of our workforce and often are the engine for economic growth. Often we forget about these businesses when we shop. The big box stores have created top of mind awareness for many of us and we often do not give it a second thought to go to the large stores when we need something.

I have also experienced the buy local dilemma. Some companies perceive that business expertise or strategy needs to come from a large company in a big city, and that is simply not the case. Yet I have lost opportunities because of the perception that the business knowledge of a company in another state must be better than what can be provided locally.

I think it is important for all of us to support our local economies as much as we can. In order for us to thrive, supporting those in our community is crucial. So before you head to that big box store, maybe check to see if it’s available from a local business.

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