Growth is Out There. Are You Bringing Your Best Game to Get It?

Even with all the bad news about the economy, people are still spending. They are just making different choices than in the past.

What Businesses Could Learn From The Best Places To Live

Recently Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” article was published.  Coming in at number eight was Middleton, WI which is very close to where I live.  Middleton, and Madison for that matter, are no strangers to being on the list of top places to live.  Both cities have continually received high marks for their quality … Continue reading “What Businesses Could Learn From The Best Places To Live”

It’s True: If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Then Any Road Will Get You There

The HP Touchpad has been out about a month and it is already done.  In fact, I just saw an ad for it this morning which makes it ironic that HP would be discontinuing it so soon.  In fact, it looks like HP is giving up hardware entirely to focus on software and cloud technology … Continue reading “It’s True: If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going, Then Any Road Will Get You There”

Is It Time to Get Your Motor Running?

I read once that the modern internal combustion engine used to power most of our cars is incredibly inefficient.  Surprise huh?  The report stated that less than 20% of the energy produced actually went to power the car.  Even less makes it to the wheels to actually propel the car forward.  A vast majority of … Continue reading “Is It Time to Get Your Motor Running?”

My Magic Wand Is Broken. Can I Borrow Yours?

In the days of “Gotta have it now” we are always looking for the quick fix to our problems. I am constantly bombarded with ads telling me that their product or service is the answer to all my prayers. Continually the words simple, easy, fast, and guaranteed are used to demonstrate that little work on … Continue reading “My Magic Wand Is Broken. Can I Borrow Yours?”

Why Killing the Arts is Killing Business

A conversation with a client today made me think about the impact creativity has on a successful business. We are in a climate where budgets are carefully being watched. Our educational system is under review and programs are being reduced or cut out of the curriculum all together. One of the biggest targets for the … Continue reading “Why Killing the Arts is Killing Business”

The Harsh Realities of Public Opinion

Ever heard a story that you knew for all practical purposes is wasn’t true, but people embraced it anyway? Recently McDonalds experienced just that. McDonalds was subject to an attack that made them popular on Twitter for several days. Last week a picture popped up on Twitter showing what appeared to be a note … Continue reading “The Harsh Realities of Public Opinion”