I Want to Thank You.

Around the holidays our actions reflect the sentiment of the time. What happens if you practice these behaviors year round?

Ask Penn State if They Can Measure the Value of Culture

Business leaders find it difficult to measure the impact of culture. However, culture has a real, tangible effect on the success of any company. Understanding its true value can help your company’s ability to grow and innovate. It can also impact the relationship your customers have with your brand. What is the ROI of your culture?

How to Find Real Talent

Ever heard the phrase, “We hired them for their skills and fired them for their attitude”? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal points out how hiring the right candidate involves more than just what’s on the resume.

Killing Customer Loyalty One Coupon at a Time

Coupon sites are losing popularity. Merchants are finding out that deeply discounting products and services may not be the answer to creating customer loyalty. However, there are some steps you can take to gain and retain customers.

You’re Dying From Cancer, But I Didn’t Tell You.

Imagine your doctor failing to tell you that you were dying because he was worried you wouldn’t have the money to seek treatment. As trusted advisers to our clients we may be guilty of doing the same thing. Whether you are in banking, finance, or even coaching, it is important to have the courage to let clients know what they need to remain “healthy” in this economy.

Seven Steps to Ending Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace

Sometimes we take for granted the impact that attitude and behavior have on our company. The reality is people’s actions account for much of the growth, or loss, we experience. During difficult times these effects are amplified. As a leader, here are seven steps you should take to deal with poor attitudes.

Sometimes the Best Way to Win is by Finishing Third

Sometimes it isn’t best to finish first. What we can learn from others that may give us a competitive advantage.