Being Right Not Always Best Choice

Even if you were right would you continue an argument that could cost you a customer or even worse, your business? When we are rational we would say no. But an exchange I saw online today reminds me that people are not rational and with social media somebody is always watching. This morning a friend … Continue reading “Being Right Not Always Best Choice”

Today’s Ethical Issues Have Their Advantages. Are You Prepared?

It’s hard to ignore the news when it comes to the apparent lack of ethics both individuals and companies have. Wether it’s the #Metoo movement or the Wells Fargo fake account scandal it can easily appear that everyone is under attack. Today’s political climate only adds to the volatility. The impact of stories like these … Continue reading “Today’s Ethical Issues Have Their Advantages. Are You Prepared?”

Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time

We live in a world where we hear ‘no’ a lot.  From the day you are born you are literally hard wired to the word.  If you are a parent you will understand exactly what I mean.  From the moment our children begin to crawl we adults do everything we can to protect them.  After … Continue reading “Why You Should Be Saying Yes All The Time”

Why Awesome is Easy

Recently a grocery chain in our area announced they were closing their doors after 75 years of business. The specialty foods store was recognized for their selection of local cheeses, fruit, and produce. They sited changing economic factors and increased competition as the reason for their demise. News was met with mixed responses when it … Continue reading “Why Awesome is Easy”

Tips To Make The Customer Feel Special

For people who are or have been in the service line, there is no saying in existence in the history of mankind that can ever be more wrong than this one: “The customer is always right.” Nope. Nah-uh. Disagreed. They are most definitely not “always right”. Customers are, afterall, people, and people can be wrong … Continue reading “Tips To Make The Customer Feel Special”

Can Best Buy Survive?

A few years ago Circuit City filed for bankruptcy. At that time, Best Buy looked to be in a very good position to control the world of electronics. Today, times have changed. Best Buy faces an uphill climb against competitors such as Walmart and Amazon. Market share continues to be impacted by price and convenience. … Continue reading “Can Best Buy Survive?”